The Swiss Club

Since 1994, the club has welcomed Swiss families and individuals to the Triangle area. Club members enjoy the company of other Swiss and become more acquainted with North Carolina and the U.S.-- new arrivals are always welcome. 


Annual events such as the 1st of August party, the Christmas/Samichlaus celebration and the fondue party in February/March have become a tradition. Some years we have wine tastings, hikes, and since 2010 we also are participants in the "International Festival" in Downtown Raleigh. We are always looking for someone who wants to spearhead a new idea. Your input and help are welcome!


Membership is open to Swiss citizens, their families, and others who have lived in Switzerland or have ties to Switzerland  and want to be part of it again. The membership fee of $35 per family or $25 per individual helps pay for food, beverages, use of facilities for events and to cover insurance.

The Board of Directors welcomes your questions and feedback. Please send them to our President:

Sandra Eisenring