Membership in the Swiss Club is open to Swiss citizens, their families, and others who have lived in Switzerland or have ties to Switzerland and want to be part of it (again).

To join the club, renew your annual membership or update your contact information:

  • Please download the membership application. This information will be available only to club members.You may need Adobe Reader to open the membership application. You can download Adobe Reader for free by clicking on the logo below.
  • Write a check for the annual membership fee (individual $25 - family $35) payable to "Swiss Club". This fee covers administrative expenses such as club insurance, food, beverages and rent of facilities for events, and other club-related costs.

  • Send your check and the printed membership form to our Treasurer:
Hans Ulrich Frei
1531 Maxeben Way
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

PS:  Members can rent the club's Raclette oven for a minimal fee. Call the Eisenrings at (919) 307-4488