This page is for all members who want to sell something a fellow Swiss Club member could have an interest in. In other words: Items with Swiss or German/Austrian origin. Or items that have to do with that origin. Of course if you have a yard sale with Swiss or German/Austrian items amongst other things, that of course qualifies. In order to post items, please send me an email with your add and I will post it here.                                                                                                                                                 

We have two Swiss bed frames (Robustaflex, excellent condition) for sale. Dimensions are 197 cm x 78 cm. If interested, we can be contacted via email or numbers below.

Best wishes,

Markus G. Lang
(610) 450 5823(610) 450 5823 (home)
(484) 881 2130(484) 881 2130 (mobile)

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