My name is Sandra Eisenring, and I am the President of the SWISS CLUB OF CENTRAL NC. In this section of the website you will see my updates that go out via email to our members. They are in chronological order, meaning the latest one is on top. If you do decide to take part in one of our events, or gatherings please use the "about us" tab on the left hand side and I will get in touch with you shortly. The "links" tab has alot of helpful and practical info. Especially if you are new to the area. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Thank you for visiting us.

Thank you for your interest_______________________________________________Sandra Eisenring

Hallo everyone,  4-17-2014
For all those who didn't know, we actually do have a website. It's called www.sccnc.org
It stands for Swiss Club of Central NC. It is not a highly functional site, but it has all the basics and the important info about upcoming events......and alot of links.
New to the site is the FOR SALE button. And there is one "ad" already posted.
Before you want to post something, please read the intro on the top of that page. Also, I checked with the site administration, and it is not possible for you to post ads yourself. We would have to upgrade the site, and at this point, that is not an option. So, you will have to send me the ad, and I will then post it.
I am hopeful, that at some point in the future we will have a more interactive and functional website.
So, check it out, and maybe you will make use of it too.
Sandra Eisenring

PS: The photos are a few years old, and need to be updated. If anyone has a few nice ones from 2013 they can send it to me, and I will upload them.

Hallo everyone,  3-26-14
As promised, I have made a list and comments to each topic that I talked about at the Fondue.
Thanks again for coming, and making it a great and "yummi" evening.

1. August Party will be Saturday, August 2, 2014, at the Herndon Farm in Pittsboro. (Rain or shine, since they have a barn to move into by rainy weather.) I will be in touch with details early July, but will not be present.

International Festival will be the weekend of Sept. 19, 20 and 21. I need at least 20 volunteers to help on Saturday and Sunday. Kids need to be 13 years of age or older in order to help. Everyone should get a wristband to enter for free and participate that day they volunteer. Normally I have people volunteer for 2 hours, and the rest of that day they can enjoy the event. I will have details and deadlines hopefully sometimes in July. As I mentioned, a new group of organizers are in charge, so I'm not sure if there will be changes to the way they handled it the previous years. Here is the link if you want some info now... www.internationalfestival.org

I have announced that my tenure as President is ending latest at the end of 2015. If someone would like to step up and take over at the end of this year, that would be appreciated, but I am willing to go until the end of 2015.

I presented the finances and announced that we need to augment the prices for the 3 main events, in order to have enough funds/reserves. It was suggested that the member price for future events (starting immediately) shall be $15.00 for grown ups and $8.00 for kids. It was then voted on and accepted. I also need to mention that we did have a quorum.

I think that is all. Please let me know if you have questions, or comments, or anything at all. I am best available by email.
Have a (hopefully soon) Spring, and I will be in touch.


Hallo again..:-)   1-25-2014
Here as promised the membership application. One or two families (new members only) have already signed up and payd. So this is not for them.
I hope you all will make that effort to pay by the deadline, because.....

NEW THIS YEAR: WE WILL ALLOW MEMBERS AND NON-MEMBERS! (See what that means for your family in the attached sign up form)

If you have questions or comments, please let me know.
Thank you for your continued support of the SCCNC

Sandra Eisenring
President of Swiss Club of Central NC


Hallo everyone   5-15-2013
I did want to let you know that at a recent Board meeting, when we discussed the new bylaws, our treasurer mentioned that after the fondue event, we wrote -for the first time- red numbers. This is a bit alarming and I urge you to please pay your membership fees for 2013 . We need to pay insurance and website during the year, and other little misc. posts. For those who are not sure if they paid, ask me and I will just email you with a quick answer.

Our next gathering is Aug. 3rd for our 1. August Party. For non members we will have to charge an extra flat fee of $20 per event.

You do not need to fill out a membership form if your information remains the same. Just send a check to Monika. Address below.

Thank you for your continued support, and hopefully see you on August 3rd.

Address to send your check/and form:

Monika Robertson
304 Merwin Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27606
Hallo everyone
I did want to let you know that at a recent Board meeting, when we discussed the new bylaws, our treasurer mentioned that after the fondue event, we wrote -for the first time- red numbers. This is a bit alarming and I urge you to please pay your membership fees for 2013 . We need to pay insurance and website during the year, and other little misc. posts. For those who are not sure if they paid, ask me and I will just email you with a quick answer.

Our next gathering is Aug. 3rd for our 1. August Party. For non members we will have to charge an extra flat fee of $20 per event.

You do not need to fill out a membership form if your information remains the same. Just send a check to Monika. Address below.

Thank you for your continued support, and hopefully see you on August 3rd.

Address to send your check/and form:

Monika Robertson
304 Merwin Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27606


Hi everyone    8-6-2012
Thanks to all of you who came to the 1. August Party. It was great to see that everyone had a hearty appetite and loved the sausages and of course all the good and yummi treats you brought. And we had great weather and the pool was a hot commodity with the kids and adults.
As I have announced at the Party here a few things:

The sausage place: ZYGMA European Groceries and Deli LLC, 212 N. Polk St., Pineville, NC 28134 (south of Charlotte)

Attached is the member list for all to have. Note that not all members listed are still active. But feel free to contact a member if you know them, or want to touch base. I do not know all of them either.
I have a correction to add: Margrit Goldstein's email address is: margritgoldstein@gmail.com

For those interested in a Jass-Club, please contact Edith Gugger directly: kybigu@gmail.com
I have spoken with her, and she is ok with contacting her and hopefully find a few people with interest.

Internaional Festival: Here is a link www.internationalfestival.org
I will send out more detailed information and what our booth will consist of, etc. in the next weeks.
Please keep it in mind, and remember those who help get in for free! And you may also come with a helper who is not from Switzerland, just one Swiss Club member has to be there at all times, and the plan is to have 2 - 3 hours shifts, depending on how many people volunteer. Minimum age is 14 to be manning the stand. More details follow....

Thanks again for your interest in All Things Swiss!
Sandra Eisenring

Hi everyone   5-7-2012
I did want to update you all on two things. First of August Party will be held Aug. 4th, around 5 PM at our Clubhouse again. Details etc. will follow soon.

As some of you may know we will participate again in the International Festival in Downtown Raleigh this Fall. The dates of the festival are Sept. 28 through Sept. 30, 2012 at the Convention Center. It was alot of fun last time we went, and the food was really really the best. We hope that we will have a great turn out again, and I will be in touch with more details, and organizational details sometimes in June/July. But please keep that date in mind, and BTW if you are a helper, you get in for free. Kids need to be 13 or older in order to be help. Here is the website of the Festival:

If you know already that you will want to participate and help man the stand or help set up etc. please let me know already.

Thanks for your time, and have a great summer. Hope to see you all at our 1. of August Party.
Sandra __________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Attached is the evaluation of the questionnaire that I sent you all back in February. There is someone interetsed in a "Jassgruppe".
Please read it, even if you did not participate.
Sandra Eisenring

There were only 9 people who gave input. Here are the answers I got:

1. Do you like the 3 events per year that we organize? (Fondue, 1. August, Christmas/Samichlaus). Or would you like to see more?

Most people are fine with those 3 events, but about 4 of 9 would participate in a hike or similar. One of them asked if someone would like to get together for a “Jass”!?
If you would like to do that please contact Margrith Verghese at kverghese04@yahoo.com

3. Would you be ok if in the future we were to send out the invitations per a site, like e-vite or similar site?

Only 2 were ok with an e-vite type setting. So for now, we will keep sending invitations and updates etc. per email.

4. Same with online payment. If we were to install such a feature on our website, would you prefer that over the old fashioned way!? That is, if the club can afford to do that.

Same two people were ok, and it would involve more cost to set it up. So we will continue with what we did so far (send in checks or pay at the door.) Maybe at a later point we can reevaluate that option.

5. Additional Comments:

One member was asking to get an updated memberlist. I will have to discuss that with the board members, since we originally did not want to share personal info. But maybe we can change that.

Hi everyone  1-24-2012
First off, I want to wish everyone a happy, prosperous, healthy and fun 2012. I hope you all are off to a good start.
Maybe you were wondering why the membership due letter did not hit your inbox yet. That is because the Board and I have decided to have a meeting to discuss the membership and possible changes with it. And of course to discuss other matters too. I took presidency over two years ago, and we did not meet as a group since. So we thought it was time for that again.
The meeting is next week, and I will send out an info and the membership due letter after that meeting. It will give you enough time to either send in the dues or bring it to the Fondue event on Febr. 18. I will of course send out an Invitation for that separately very soon too.
I hope to see you all on the 18th, and until then...enjoy the warm weather.
Sandra Eisenring

Dear Swiss Club members    3-28-2011 

So far, there are only about half of all the registered members, that have paid their yearly dues. For those, that have not sent in their dues for this year, we kindly ask you to send them to Hanny Isenrich as soon as possible.
Another reminder: members which have reached their 25th birthday, need to be responsible for their own membership payments ($ 35.00 family and $ 25.00 individual).
Please support the club with your dues; this is our sole income and as we had stated at the last gathering, we have a few fixed costs which need to be covered.
Forms for payments can be downloaded from the club's website (www.sccnc.org) or if you prefer, I can resend them to you.

I have posted the dates of the 1. of August Event on the website as well and it will be on July 30, 5 PM at the Clubhouse in Windermere in Cary, same place as last year. Of course I will send out invitations and info beforehand. And as an FYI, we will most probably have the same sausages again, which you all liked alot.

Thank you for your continued support of the Swiss Club of Central North Carolina!

Sandra Eisenring
President of SCCNC


Hi everyobody    10-28-2010
I know, an update is long overdue…..so here it is:

The Wine Tasting was a wonderful gathering of about 12 people. It was very informative, and a very good time. I did post some pictures on the web site. Thank you Indu and Emma for organizing it, bringing the snacks, soft drinks and water, and of course the toys for the kids. Very thoughtful, and appreciated.

New Bern was beautiful in every way and we had a great time as a family and as a group of Swiss people as well. Thanks to Mr. Heinz Roth of Charlotte, who had organized a meeting for all Swiss Clubs present, we could meet and mingle with the Delegation from Bern and New Bern Officials as well. Of course it was a very eventful two days and we all got home tired and happy to have been part of this once-in-a-lifetime-event.

The International Festival was a success as well, and I think all had fun manning our booth. I have posted pictures on the website from this event as well. My personal favorites were: the food and the dances from all over the world.
Big “Thank yous” go out to:
Hanny Isenrich, Barbara Zellweger, Sandro Gisler, Martin and Petra Martignoni with daughters Zora and Gwen AND their friends and colleagues, Volker and Pascale Mittendorf, Indu and Emma Parikh and Verena Ierardi and Heinz Rehse.

And now to upcoming events:

As you might know, the Christmas Dinner is on Dec. 4th in the Jacoba Hall at the St. Francis School in Raleigh. Invitation with details and directions will follow soon.
As usual the Club will provide the Ham in Dough, appetizers and wine/soft drinks. Plus then we have the salads and desserts that people bring in as usual. I am planning on having a “Samichlaus” there as well. But for that I would need someone to volunteer for it. Whoever will step up to do this, can come for free, and does not need to pay the fee, as an incentive. I suggest that person should be someone with either no kids, or grown kids. Please consider volunteering for this. It is always so much fun for kids and adults alike.

I am also thinking of the Fondue evening (TBD for 2011) to be our official business and voting meeting with short mention of numbers from treasurer and of course Q & A session. This is just an idea for now, and I will keep you updated about that.

Thanks for your time, and as usual comments/questions are welcome.

Sandra Eisenring
President of SCCNC

Hi everyone    8-10-2010
First, a big thank you for all the goodies you brought in for the 1. August Party and of course for attending it too. I think we had a great turn out and everyone enjoyed it. Special Thanks to Indu Parikh, who brought the wine, to Charles Buenzli who brought the keg of beer and to Hanny Isenrich who brought the delicious appetizers. Of course there were also the very good salads, the Zopf and all the desserts that made it such a feast! Thank you all.

Here some important information and updates:

1.) September 11: Winetasting
As was announced at the August First party, it is time to plan for our visit to GROVE Vineyard & Winery on Saturday, September 11.
GROVE (www.grovewinery.com), a relatively small and privately owned vineyard is located in the beautiful Haw River valley in Guilford county. GROVE is about 40 miles west of Chapel Hill. Within a few days, Indu will send a detailed email with a registration form.

2.) Sept. 16 - 19: New Bern Update from Heinz Roth (Honorary Consul of CH for NC and SC)
First of all, the day we all meet with the Swiss Delegation will still be Saturday, Sept. 18, but at 4:30 PM!! (Not 1 PM, as mentioned in his email earlier). And second, he will not be able to find us accommodations, so if you want to stay a night or two you will have to arrange for it yourself. Also, he is still trying to find a place to meet and will let us know that ASAP.

3.) Oct. 1, 2 and 3: International Festival
I have submitted the paperwork, and I hope that more people will sign up to help. I do need at least 20 volunteers, and so far I have 3 people who signed up to help!
If you think about it, it would be an easy way in to go to the Festival, entry fee for one person is $ 7.00. Just come and help a few hours and then you are free to stroll around and enjoy the festival. 50 Countries, 25 sidewalk cafes, bazaars with goods and merchandise, and stages with dances (adults, teens and children productions), a beergarden, cooking demonstration, dancing demonstration and crafts demonstration and of course Sophisa's corner, a corner for children and more more more....here is their website: www.internationalfestival.org
We will have at our booth: a laptop with that same DVD playing like at the party and another one called "Traditions old and new", we will have music playing low volume, we will have our booth decorated with flags,etc. just like at the party, with posters, and such. Plus the Embassy in Atlanta will send us Swiss material like pamphlets, and give-aways, etc.
I am still trying to figure out a demonstration of some sort of a Celebration of Switzerland. Does anyone have an idea? Can someone "loeffle" can someone "talerschwinge" can someone "fix an old Swiss clock", Does someone have an old Swiss clock? Does someone have a "Dirndl", does someone have a "Basler Fastnachtsmaske", does someone have "Swiss cowbells or goatbells", does someone have a Swiss uniform of some sort (not military), does someone have a special apparatus or machine, or something used only in Switzerland? Does someone have Swiss Money (can be good color copies) of each banknote. We can also use these items as decoration, it doesn't have to be used in a demonstration. Think mountain, alps, cheese, clocks, milk, cows, wine, folklore music, chocolate, banks, money, traditions.
Please brainstorm a bit, and look in your closets, attics, and cellars, and help us make this a success.
I will need all these items by Sept. 15. We will have to show it to the Organization and they will have to "ok" the use of each item. I know, a bit "unionlike" and painful, but it has to be done. And also, of course whoever will be behind the booth needs to wear red and white, at least on top.

Thanks in advance for all you can do and hopefully you can participate in one or all events that are coming up.
President of SCCNC

Hi everyone    6-14-2010
I hope you all enjoy the heat!!! I also hope you all can access a pool to cool off!!

First of all, I will send out the invitations for the 1 of Aug. Party with RSVP sheet early next week, so be on the lookout for that. (It will take place on July 31). On the RSVP sheet is also a section to add your membership fee, if you have not payed it yet. And that brings me to the next point....

...there are still 15 members who have not payed! On my last email the number was 18, so just 3 members payed since then, so please take advantage of the RSVP sheet and pay your part, it so easy to just add it to your party dues. Tank you.

Then, I am forwarding an update from Indu, who has agreed to plan and organize a wine tasting for us this year. Here is his email:
We are planing to visit the GROVE vineyard/winery on Saturday, September 11 at about noon time.
The cost will be $10 per person, this includes $5 for wine tasting (which the winery charges). Children will have an opportunity to play outdoors. The winery (www.grovewinery.com), with ca. 40 acres of land with a pond, is located about 40 miles west of Chapel Hill.
Each person is responsible for own transportation. Car pooling is encouraged.
Please mark your calendar. Details will follow in due course.
Best regards - - Indu.

Thank you Indu for doing this. And as he announced, details are to follow.

And last but not least.....I have signed us up for the International Festival! We will start with a non profit booth (provided) and we will not sell anything or serve any food. It is not allowed with this set up, which is called "Cultural Exhibit". I decided to start out small, and depending on the participation of the club members, and how well it went, we would go bigger, and eventually end up doing the whole Raclette selling, and chocolate, etc. But for now, it is just an information and demonstration booth, and we cannot advertise anything, incl. our Swiss Club, which is a bummer, but those are the rules. The festival will take place Oct. 1,2 and 3. Details will follow after the first of Aug. Party, where I will inform you more about it. But please be ready to help out, since the booth has to be manned at all times every day, every hour. I will also need some typical Swiss clothing, and Swiss gadgets, etc.
You can go and take a look at their website and get informed about it too: www.internationalfestival.org

That is it for now, and I hope to see you all at the party.
Sandra Eisenring
President of SCCNC

Hi everyone      5-3-2010

My name is Sandra Eisenring and I did want to take the opportunity and announce my presidency of the Swiss Club of Central NC. For all those who have been at the Fondue event in March, you know that already. But for all others, this might be News to them.

Quick History of mine.....I live in the US since 20 years with my husband Rene, and the first 13 years, we have lived in Minneapolis, MN. My husband Rene and I came as newly weds, and had our first home in Minneapolis, had 2 girls in Minneapolis, and moved to NC in Summer of 2003. Our girls are now 11 and 8. I am highly involved in the PTA, I do have a part time job, and we al so have a dog and a cat. That's just in a nutshell.
 But now to the business:

1.) I still need email addresses from various members, if any of you would know the people in the list, please let them know to contact me, or if ok, email me their email address. Thanks for that in advance.
Aeschbacher, Frank & Sonja 
Freeze, Kevin & Sandra
Gugelmann, Richard & Alice 
Riediker, Michael
Rutishauser, Jakob
Schlatter, Christiane & Christiane

2.) The 1. August Party will take place in the afternoon of July 31, 2010 in Cary, in the Clubhouse of our Subdivision Windermere. Exact address, time of event, directions, what to bring, etc. will be announced later.

3.) 300 Years New Bern-Event: I have talked to the Consulate in Atlanta, and was given this website: www.newbern300.com I have also found out, that possibly (not definite yet) on Sept. 16 the Consul General Claudio Leon Cavallo will be in New Bern, as well as Mr. Embassador Urs Ziswiler. I have taken a look at that website, and it is extensive and interesting. There are tons of events going on all year long, but the main one seems to be from Sept 16 through Sept. 19 (Thursday to Sunday), it's called the Jubilee. Please check out that website it gives alot of information. And they do have a phone number you can call as well. It's (252) 635-1710(252) 635-1710. I was told that the Consulat will have more info available as the event comes closer, that number is: (404) 870-2000(404) 870-2000. Given the fact that this is such a widespread and ongoing event, and not everyone wants to go to the same venues, I would suggest to arrange something on your own, or pair up with a few people or a few families that you feel comfortable with. But if someone would like to head and organize a group trip I can certainly help with that.

4.) While I was calling "old" listings of ex Swiss Club members, I also called Mr. Philip Gelzer. He lives in Greensboro and has since joined the Charlotte Swiss Club. But he told me that he is on the Board of the Swiss/American Historical Society, and that he would welcome new members, and he asked me to let our Club know about it. He also promised me an actual website and email address, but I have not received it yet. I will forward it to you as soon as I get it from him. For those of you who want to contact Mr. Gelzer, here is his phone number: (336) 545-5749(336) 545-5749

5.) International Festival in Raleigh (Oct. 1,2 and 3) I am still in the process of figuring out in what extent Switzerland will be represented, and as soon as I have more specific info, I will send out an email with questions, and asking for help with this and that, making schedules and setting up a "game plan". So please be on the lookout for that, and consider being part of it. I think that this is a great opportunity for your family (kids included of course) to experience our heritage and share it with other people. Not to mention the opportunity to check out other countries exhibiting there as well. I do know, that we will not be able to sell Raclette, at least not this year. We will start with a cultural booth and maybe a bazaar stand, and see how that goes.

6.) I would like to make the website more of a communication site for me to you, and also in the future for you all amongst yourselves. Charles Buenzli and I are working on it, but we decided to wait and see if people are interested in it, because it would mean to add more space and pages (website) and that would mean more cost.
FYI we already updated it, with dates of events, and I will add more as I get more info on all the different venues that are planned.

7.) And last but not least, I do want to mention membership dues again. I have not had the time to call individuals that have not payed, and I'm not sure if I will have time for that. I originally planned on doing that, but life took full swing, and I do not know where time goes. For all those who know they still owe the dues, please make a check to SCCNC (individual $25.00 / family $35.00) and send it to me: Sandra Eisenring, 231 Shillings Chase Drive, Cary NC 27518, and please make sure we have your current email address. Thank you so much.

For now, that is all the news I have. I will be in touch with you all, and let you know what's happening in our corner of "Swiss NC" and hopefully we can have a successful year.
Please feel free to contact me by email or phone if you have questions, ideas, concerns or other comments.
And don't' forget to check out the website here and there. www.sccnc.org

Thank you for your time and have a great day.
Sandra Eisenring
President of SCCNC